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Thanks for posting, Anayv.

Yes, as you’ve brought it up, I’m well aware of the F2.8 on the FZ200. I do, however, seriously doubt that the wider aperture setting would be quite as sharp as say, F4.5 to F5 with my 2.2x Raynox TC attached, which I happened to use with my FZ150 - allbeit at F5.2 - for the picture in the OP. Come to think of it, the much narrower depth of field associated with F2.8 at 1320mm equivalent may well pose problems with pin sharp focussing too. And I do so hate to see only a minimal area of a small bird in focus whilst the rest is thrown into blur. Yuk! Definitely not my thing, hence my preference for narrower apertures and especially when shooting from 20 to 30ft away from the subject, which only serves to exaggerate the effect. At any rate, I’d definitely prefer F4.5ish at such a long range even with F2.8 capabilities, and so I’d actually gain very little benefit from the FZ200 at full zoom.

In truth, I posted the example kingfisher image mostly to encourage other FZ150 users to shoot photos above base ISO, simply because in my experience the FZ150 is in no way a base ISO machine as previous FZ models used to be. That 5mg resized crop in the OP is just one example at ISO 500 in less than ideal light at distance. In many cases, the FZ150 can be equally as pleasing and surprisingly detailed up to ISO 1600 and occasionally beyond, such are the levels of justified praise that the model has received from far more users than little old me. And that includes a few respected reviewers if memory serves me correctly.

Quite frankly, I must say that folks who still advise FZ150 users to stick to ISO 100 at virtually all costs don’t half make me chuckle. There’s just no way that anyone should adopt such a limited approach with arguably the best FZ made to date – at least in my experience! Who knows? This year’s FZ250 may be an improvement though. I guess that only time will tell! Cheers again.

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