Canon PowerShot A1200 User Review - part 2

Started Jan 7, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Canon PowerShot A1200 User Review - part 2

"I really do miss the OVF and AAs, and wish Canon would step up with a more serious version of the A1200."

+1... in fact i think that Canon is missing an increasingly large niche here: The aging baby-boomers, the young enthusiasts and those who want a non-"premium" yet decent IQ zoom camera always around (under 200gr) with OVF and AA. Could cost more than A1200's $50-70, but less than $249 with a decent sensor and zoom lens.

The former 'enthusiast' A-series, with an arguable apex at A620 --a classic P&S i still value today vs. my NEX/NX and FF collection!-- had it all, nearly. Was a bit larger and more expensive, but with today's BSI sensors and 4-5x zoom lenses it could easily meet the above req'ts.

Fuji's X-series is great, but too heavy and expensive (Leica-styling); Sony and Samsung don't seem to bother about OVF (matter of patents and experience); Canon's G series still has the OVF, yet it is over-weight/-expensive, while the A-series use sub-par sensors and lenses.

The decent, light P&S zoom with OVF and AA niche is here. Who'll step up to it?

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