The new Fuji X100S looks like it could give the RX1 some competition.

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Re: RX1+EVF = X100S

gl2k wrote:

Of course high ISO image quality is inferior on the Fuji but otherwise one has to be the ultimate mindless FF fanboy to leave out the Fuji when considering buying such kinda camera.

If the new AF on the X100S is indeed that great RX1 is pretty close to dead meat.

Fuji X100 = € 840

Sony RX1 = € 3100 + € 400 (EVF)

not if iq + portability + high iso + decent af all in one package is a primary concern - which it is for me. the rx1 is the reason my m9+50mm summilux asph are on vacation. not a knock on fuji, either. i still own a couple of fuji p&s cameras that outdid almost everything comparable re high iso back then. and fuji is pushing the competition, which is great for consumers. but sony had to know it was marketing a niche product. i think maybe their view of that niche is not what those of us in the west envision. time will tell, i guess.

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