Owning both FF DSLR and Mirrorless - the future?

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Re: Owning both FF DSLR and Mirrorless - the future?

FF glass on APS-C mirrorless = marriage made in heaven. Small bodies, dSLR-class IQ, low price (particularly the 'older' NX), yet still enough DOF and bokeh control to often rival FF.

rant on

My FF terminators: I come from Leica-like rangefinders and Nikon FF. For daily shootings currently i use mostly my NX and NEX cameras. The former for its price, exemplary GUI/controls and decent 20-50 kit glass. The NEX is exclusively used w 'guest' lenses, for its low noise 16Mp EXMOR and tiny size: A NEX-C3 is a natural FF lens "terminator", as it quasi-vanishes behind nikon's zoom or fisheye lenses. A pleasure to handle and quite mobile, as it basically just the lens with a 200gr. attached at its lighter end. Sometimes i also attach nikkors to the NX bodies, but the lack of focus peaking and other functionality (video, panorama) made me use the NEX as the dominant host for the big glass.

Glass, not digital bodies: I invest in nikon FF glass because i perceive my NX and NEX bodies as mere  lens 'terminators' - volatile digital cameras, improving and dropping in price faster than i can learn how to operate them. Their half-price decay interval rarely exceeds 18 months, actually faster than Moore's Law.

Ideally each of my lenses should have its on tiny NX/NEX sensor attached :-). While i don't plan, nor exclude, the purchase of future Nikon bodies --iff they shrink under my 1-pound threshold with a 50/1.8 attached (will happen, Sony has shown canikon how to break the 'laws of physics')-- my choice of this mount provides the max. freedom of choices.

The nikon FF glass can be obviously used on its own family (not done this since years), or trivially adapted to Canon (whose bodies don't inspire me, but FF sensors i used to like till 2-3 yrs ago, when Sony and Fuji took the lead). Then it's the mirrorless world of NEX and NX, whereby for $10-30 one can get reasonable adapters for nearly any lens ever made.

Aside note: Finally, i still see a big niche left open in my needs. Namely the super-macro, the long-reach zoom (rarely ever used, yet a 24-1200mm SX50 costs under $400) and the always-in-my-pocket cameras. That's where the small sensors remain kings of my hill, though i deplore the vanished OVF. Here I wish for a 150gr Powershot A1200 with proper sensor and IQ, because no APS mirrorless NX/NEX can shoot 1K+ 1"-macros on a 2x AA under 200gr total and cost under $99 (as reflected in the reduced IQ). Mitch

rant off

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