Is M4/3 being left behind ? Features-wise

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Re: Is M4/3 being left behind ? Features-wise

To me it sounds like an overgeneralization. Oly especially has been an innovator with things like live view, live exposure, 5 axis IBIS, supersonic wave filter, etc. Panasonic is taking a progressive approach to offering true hybrid, and sticking it to the big boys in that regard. Sure, there are some features that would be nice to have that seem logical for m4/3 to offere, like focus peaking, or maybe better panorama implimentation like Sony, but in general, I think they are ahead of the curve in innovation.

YOur main main point- that they aren't working hard enough at pdaf- is a bit of a stretch. From news and rumors it seems they have been working on it, and their partnership with Sony is still new, so maybe they can take advantage of some of Sony's tech to get working phase detect into their cameras faster.

Who knows though- maybe Sony doesn't want to share? They are still competitors in the mirrorless market, after all, and m4/3 is already doing fairly well. Allowing m4/3 users to suddenly have all those extra, beautiful 4/3 lenses might just be a scary thought to Sony right now.

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