Is M4/3 being left behind ? Features-wise

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Re: Is M4/3 being left behind ? Features-wise

moscos wrote:

Up until the E-M5 came out I was getting worried that M4/3 was being left behind, the improvements between olympus and panasonic seemed very minor. But the E-M5 definitely put this to rest for me, it's an amazing camera and I feel my investment in the M4/3 system is paying off now.

That said it would be great to get good continuous AF at one point in a future M4/3 model. I think it's the only major weakness on the OM-D (other than the annoying power button!)

I agree, the OMD was a huge leap with very good timing for Oly and M4/3s as a whole. But competition has caught up by now, for sure. The only exclusive features (although HUGE advantages) that the OMD has over competition are the 5 axis IBIS and weathersealing and lenses. Other than that the EVF is a standard feature in its segment, image quality is at least comparable, controls are subjective but also could be comparable, that said, in regards to every other feature (gimmick) the OMD falls behind (even to the new PENs):

- Wi Fi compatibility

- In Sensor PDAF

- Focus peaking

- Automatic Pano

- Decent in camera HDR

- AF tracking

- Video out put

Mind you, most of these features can be solved with a mayor firmware update, they're not fixed on stone. And that's my main complain, Oly (and Pany) are more than capable of rectifying this, yet they don't want to follow Sony or Fuji, at least not immediately. Out of pride ? I don't know, Japanese business strategy is a science on itself, but one thing is clear, success it's there for the taking.

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