D-700 hot shoe issue

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Re: D-700 hot shoe issue

Lindsey Webb wrote:

Has anyone ever had an issue with their D-700 Nikon losing contact with there flash. I use the sb-900 most of the time and the display just blinks on and off.. tried cleaning contacts etc.. also tried the sb-800 and still the same problem.

Thanks in advance

Lindsey Webb

I don't have a D700, I have a D600, but if you count film bodies, this is my 4th Nikon SLR, and I've never had that problem. If you are having the same symptom with 2 different flashes, and you sure you've locked down the hotshoe latch securely, cleaned the contacts (on both the camera and the flashes), etc, then it sounds like a loose connection inside the camera. I'd suggest taking camera and flash to your nearest Nikon dealing and showing it to them. They can try different cameras with the same flash and different flashes with the same camera so you can be sure which item needs repair.

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