Anyone with the Zeiss 15/2.8 been game enough to cut the hood off yet?

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Re: How I shaved off my Nikon 10.5 !

JP Scherrer wrote:

Hi !

just to give you an idea of it, here's how I shaved my fisheye Nikon 10.5 f/2.8 DX, so that I could use it as a 180+ degrees -almost- circular fisheye on an FX camera such as D700 and now D800 ! I regularly use it to produce SPHERICAL PANORAMAS (see my signature).

I used my old milling machine and manualy carefuly saw the lens-hood ! Doing this little by little, eg. 1/2 milimeter deep at a time, worked like charm ! I suppose any mecanic can do it if you instruct him to go veeery eaaasy with the job !

Hope this can help ?

Cheers, J-P.

NB. ......but IMHO, shaving the lens-hood of such an expensive lens is SHOCKING ! Just hand-hold a large square filter in front of the lens when shooting !!!

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i have a big heave drill press - lock it and i could do the same thing - actually a good idea - trick would be to keep the lens from wobbling - - maybe drill hole in board or metal to support the lens!

use some tape over the glass and wammo - off the shade goes!

I like your fence - - maybe a homemade 3 axis fence - keep the lens in one place...

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