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More of the same speculation

It's more of the same guessing game and wishful thinking that we read last week in DSLR Magazine and Quesabesde. This blogger is hoping for a DSLR but assumes the following:

"Olympus promises to release a camera of some kind that will properly focus the standard 4/3 lenses… but many of us are holding onto the idea of a true DSLR with an optical viewfinder. It’s more likely that the next model will be a “Pro-OM-D,” a micro-4/3 mirrorless camera system that can focus both m4/3 and standard 4/3 lenses. If so, I’m fine with that. As long as Olympus doesn’t ditch the people who have spent money on their truly stellar 4/3 lenses."

Olympus isn't likely to upgrade the OMD a short time after the EM-5 was released. It would end sales of the EM-5 which Olympus has spent considerable time and money developing and marketing.

It's more likely to be a replacement or upgrade to the E-5 which is now 2 years old and, according to many people here, uses an even older sensor. It's more likely to focus by PDAF with a mirror than focus ZD 4/3 lenses on the sensor. People are clamoring for a new Olympus DSLR. If they build it, people will buy it.

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