X-E1 / X-Pro1 Provia Film Emulation With C1 7.0.2 - A Solution!

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Ryan Williams
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Re: X-E1 / X-Pro1 Provia Film Emulation With C1 7.0.2 - A Solution!

Asylum Photo wrote:

Ryan Williams wrote:

I don't know if it's a Lightroom-only thing, but I noticed when dabbling around in that to try and get things looking more Provia JPEG-esque that the camera JPEGs seem to suppress highlights significantly, something which you can more or less accomplish by pulling down the 'Highlights' slider in Lightroom.

This is the only thing that really bothers me about using RAW once the capability is there: Fuji do significant voodoo on the JPEGs so give them the distinctive look they have, particularly noticeable with portraits. I guess when using RAW you pretty much lose the 'Fuji colours' everyone loves so much as the look is completely different, certainly colder when comparing Provia JPEG to RAW.

Yeah, I've been "building" a preset for my RAW and JPEG files. ACR boosts the contrast and is more aggressive on highlights with default settings for RAW. But I also noticed there's a bit of a color difference as well. I don't have any color charts, or anything to work from, so I've been making adjustments with random photos I have and my (admittedly poor) vision haha.

I tend to use JPEGs processed through ACR, but sometimes I need to use the RAW file, and for consistency's sake I'd like a starting point that is close in color/tone to the OOC JPEG.

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I haven't spent much time with this, but I did notice that reducing the 'clarity' slider, pushing the 'tint' slider a little towards orange, and increasing the saturation yielded an image very similar to the Provia JPEG. It's very easy to experiment with this by shooting a RAW+JPEG and flicking between them in Lightroom.

When I'm next doing photos I might go for as close as possible and I'll share any findings and comparisons if I deem it worthwhile.

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