Digital Split Image function very cool........

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Re: Digital Split Image function very cool........

TThorne wrote:

mr moonlight wrote:

PraxisPictures wrote:

bummer, the digital split image does not work in the OVF

It wouldn't really be possible to do, but it does take one more step out of using MF. You can now MF without switching to magnification so if you want to use the MF combined with the OVF you can now just switch over to the EVF and back for framing. Before, you had two extra steps switching back and fourth from the magnification view. It's the same amount of switching and work as MF used to be and that really wasn't all that bad.

I think it would be possible, and fairly easy also. They would just need to project that image, as well as the rest of the information they are already projecting, through the half mirror and into the OVF. The difficulty may be that the brightness of the image would require a significant boost since the front curtain would be open on the view finder. Still, they brighten everything else for OVF mode, so this seems possible.

At this point though, I am less inclined to care. Fuji has given a lot of functions to this camera that we have requested, so I'll be happy and look forward to the future.

Yes, it seems Fuji is actually listening to most of our concerns...and a big concern (for me) was the correction of the manual focus throw distance. Have you checked any video out of the manual focusing?  The barrel twist (although fly-by-wire) during focusing looks way more "mechanical".

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