Is M4/3 being left behind ? Features-wise

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Re: Is M4/3 being left behind ? Features-wise

amvrvd wrote:

I'm sure many of you have been checking the news about CES and the many announcements made recently by competitors. As you may know, by now almost every other mirrorless system has sensor based phase detection AF, yes, not only Nikon, but Fuji, Sony and Canon, all have implemented this technology, not only allowing them to shorten the distance to M4/3 AF but also giving them access to their existing lens catalog. This means that this technology has been acknowledged as the industry standard by pretty much everyone.

The questions is (as always), why are Olympus and Panasonic so stubborn and continue to reject this feature ?

I seem to remember some officials from (perhaps) Oly that completely dismissed the option of PD AF when asked about some type of merging of 4/3 and M4/3, I wonder if they still think that way and they'll continue to ignore the industry and user demands, much like they still ignore how the top selling competitors all have seen huge success with their RF-looking models in their line-up.

PDAF on sensor doesn't improve AF speed on the NEX series (it does improve accuracy but that was a rectification of a failing of the NEX rather than pushing it beyond the competition). There are a lot of overexcited people on the Fuji X forum who need to calm down re AF performance of the X100S. I own a X100 and I wouldn't "upgrade" to the X100S based on PDAF on sensor.

I don't get why anyone would want it on M43s. I suggest popping into a camera store to try out an EOS-M to anyone who thinks it is the next big thing in AF performance.

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