Not giving up on Olympus just yet!!

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Larry you are right... I forgot about the 620.. however

I personally did not see the 620 as a substantial upgrade. they didnt solve the af issues to start. the improved low light performance was compensated by noisy iso 200 which was done to improve the DR. also the IS on the 620 was revised ( weaker ) to suit it size..

this is why I subconsciously forgot about the 620. the e30 price point was out of my reach so never thought of it as an option. if I recall it was the same price as an e3

Dont get me wrong I am not promoting any other brand here just expressing my frustrations after investing in a hybrid 43 and m43 system.

nikon, canon and pentax dslr owners have seen their cameras evovle leaps and bounds in the same time frame. check the quality of the d3100, eos1100, kx, kr and k30... and infact the Sony Alpha range starting with A37 of sony SLT cameras - if you want a basic DSLR with great image quality, they are all light years ahead both in low light and the af system. there are simply no equivalents with olympus if you are invested in the 4/3 system. The above cameras are all available within £300 in the UK whilst the E-5 is about £1300 atleast

Also as I have previously said I have to shoot in non ideal conditions most time in sunny england which makes the situation worse for me personally. YMMV



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