Strange colored film negatives among good ones

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Re: Strange colored film negatives among good ones

Dan Hudson wrote:

AnandaSim, Very enlightening material. Thanks for writing it. I have several digital cameras, just thought I would get good results from film. It all started when I decided to get a better scanner to record all my slides. It grew into the purchase of 2 film cameras, quite a bit of film not to mention a 28-80mm lens. I am not ready to give up yet, but probably will soon. What possible advantages does film have and will I get better results when I start shooting the two rolls of slide film I have? It seems so far in most circumstances that film requires less post processing....good contrast and color right out of the camera. Am I fooling myself? Thanks again for the great information....Dan

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Film is more organic. Compare home. Grown vegetables, to mass produced super market pro quality vegetables. Home grown have blemishes, spots, are uneven in size but taste better. Film is like that.

Film cannot change ISO or WB with a dial. You put more effort in shooting

Scanned film is already mixed in colours nothing like Raw and more intertwined than digital JPEG. It has a look.

When you exceed the dynamic range of film the tones roll off differently than digital.

You won't get dust filaments and finger marks on digital. All you get is a dirty sensor

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