Is M4/3 being left behind ? Features-wise

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Re: Is M4/3 being left behind ? Features-wise

Willgo wrote:

Oh woe! All is doom and gloom.

My camera is suddenly rubbish because something else has come out that does something it doesn't do.

Not only that, but Panasonic and Olympus are refusing to implement these features out of spite. I can't even rush out to upgrade.

Woe, woe and more woe.

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Sure, playing the Irony card is fun, I've been there, but it looks dumb and childish...Life is not made of extremes, don't be so radical.

No need to get so defensive either, I'm in this team for the long run, but truth has to be said out loud. No one is attacking you choice man, I myself have an E-PL1 since day one so you don't need to give the whole ¨My camera is suddenly rubbish because something else has come out¨ speech , my camera has been rubbish for a LOOONG time and I have no problem with it, I love it to bits and have been faithful to its shortcomings for more than 2 years.

I want to hear what people think about this issue, I'm not degrading your choice of gear, I made the same choice for goodness's sake, I'm still using a PL1, I'm all for living with compromises if anything, but that doesn't mean PanOly should feed the competition more arguments against this system.

Built in Sensor PD AF is now a reality , it's doable, it's a feasible solution to one of this system's most aggravating shortcomings: backwards compatibility. Besides, having one less feature than the competition can only make matters worse, there's no way around that. Even if you think it's not a useful feature (I myself couldn't care less, I don't have 4/3 glass) but having one less counterargument against Sony or Fuji means taking unnecessary hits.

I almost never use any of the art filters, yet I recognize it's one of those features that attracts new consumers. This systems needs to stay healthy and being competitive is  the best way to achieve that. As I said, primes (m4/3 best weapon) is not enough, and will certainly not be enough in the future. The wi fi card compatibility was a nice touch (it would be nicer if there was live tethering though), hopefully they go further in other areas.

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