Wild Life Lens Question.

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Re: Wild Life Lens Question.

EF 400mm f/5.6 - best bet for BIF and for walk-around bird photography, in a reasonable price range for a beginner. Sharpest wide open!  Lacks IS, but good technique can make up for no IS. Main drawback of this lens is the aperture of f/5.6, somewhat limiting in low-light BIF photography and in use of teleconverters in lower-end cameras such as the 60D, which has AF only to f/5.6. 7D2 ought to have f/8 AF if Canon bothers to listen to its users. Another drawback is the relatively low maximum magnification of 0.12x, necessitating use of extension tube or of teleconverter, and consequent loss of AF in low end cameras. This may not matter if you aren't shooting hummingbirds or smaller songbirds from a blind.

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