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Re: Travel Tripod Advice

I’m a bit of an iconoclast when it comes to tripods. Of course some people have special needs for expensive tripods and the cost can be justified based on those needs. But if, like me, you use a tripod only when the odd occasion demands yet carry one with you just in case that occasion should arise, you need something that is light and portable, acceptably stable and cheap. Does such a thing exist? Yes, they do and they perform perfectly well.

I have a Hama Traveller Mini Pro that sells for (don’t laugh) £17.50 on Amazon. It is as light (750g) as the lightest carbon fibre tripod and only 350mm long when collapsed; add another 80mm for the head. Max. extended height is 1200mm (4 feet). It also comes with a ball head. The head may be OK for a compact but frankly it’s no good for a DSLR. But for slightly over £60 you can get a Sirui G10 that is one of the best ball heads around. What’s more the tripod comes with a case and the tripod + Sirui still fit inside.

So for about £80 you have a very compact, stable tripod plus an outstanding ball head, capable of handling a DSLR plus large zoom lens.

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