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AZBlue wrote:

Brandon birder wrote:
3. There have been several articles that show that the signal to noise ratio of the entire D800 sensor when downsampled to 12mpx is greater than that of the D3 sensor and almost equal to that of the D4 sensor. That is also down to the physics of downsampling. A link to the theory is here


Question - why would anyone downsample a D800 image to 12 MP in order to match the resolution of a D4? To compare their outputs .

Presumably people who buy the D800 do so for the high resolution. Not just for that but also to have images with great colour depth, low noise and film like grain.

I can downsample my D800 image to 1 MP and then proclaim wow, the resolution is awful when downsampled to 1 MP. DUH! Argument from the absurd!

Downsampling your D800 images to the resolution of D3 or D4 images, then pixel peep to find slight differences in background noise serves no useful purpose in photography or life. In the real world, nobody does this. The only reason anyone would do this would be to make a useless comparison that doesn't impact anyone. I agree but that was why I talked about whole sensors not sensels. I am not advocating pixel peeping.

Also, downsampling REDUCES noise - it does not increase it. EXACTLY SO Perhaps you mean CROPPED instead of "downsampled"? No I mean functionally down sampled see text below.

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No you misunderstand. You don't actually have to physically downsample. This happens automatically when you print (unless very very large) and when you view on a monitor.

The D800 high resolution sensor can be used to produce low noise high DR and more detailed images when comparing same output either print or monitor.

Or it can produce very large images which if viewed at the proper distance also show the above characteristics.

Or ir can be cropped tremendously and still show more detail, DR and less noise on a monitor. Something this amateur wildlife photographer loves about it.

I think we actually are coming from the same side of the argument which is a refutation of the OP's original statement.

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