Owning both FF DSLR and Mirrorless - the future?

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Re: Owning both FF DSLR and Mirrorless - the future?

kennethfong wrote:

With the lightweight features of mirrorless, I'm proud to say I'm happy to be investing in mirrorless system, whenever a new lens comes out in the market (as it should), I'm always hesitating whether to save more bucks and spend wiser into the realm of full frame dslr's...

Many of my friends who have been toying around photography for a long time will always look down on our new mirrorless, yeah that means looking down on myself for walking down this path, despite my efforts of trying to make clear that mirrorless does its work just fine as would a full fledge prism DSLR...

The best of both worlds, to me, and at least for today, is to invest in both systems, my take (although a subjective one) would be the Samsung mirrorless for its truly excellent and cheap native NX lenses, and the Canon 6D full frame with the legendary 24-70 F2.8.

But whenever we try to save some bucks for future investment, you will always look back to the initial basic choice of investments you've made, which is the right one to go for with a limited budget? You don't want to invest in something that will be things of the past in couple of years, if you wanna invest in FF, the crazy FF lens price will kill, the weight will slow you down, the size is bigger, but the superior focusing system, great ISO range, accessories support with its fully matured market, 3rd party availabilities, flash supports (although I'm a flashless guy), extreme configurability (i.e. astrophotography is possible for 30 mins exposure) are all top notch... as for ergonomics, I'm fine with either DSLR or small mirrorless... EVF, liveviews or OVF, doesn't matter either gets the job done perfectly.

So just interested to see how you guys doing with Samsung, would you rather get another copy of FF just to have the best of both worlds, or rather stick with one single system? For limited budget users like me if you're forced to choose between the two lol.... and of course we're talking bout a lifetime interest here...

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Hi Kenneth:

Great post for discussion. Having owned several Nikon DX cameras in the past, most recently a D300, I decided it was time to downsize and go with a CSC. Every camera has its place but for me the NX210 seemed right. Samsung has a better than average lens selection at decent pricing. The transition has been smooth for the most part and I have been very happy.

I recently entertained the idea of going full frame with a Nikon D600. I did my homework on the camera and went to the store to have a look. The camera was compact for a full frame and extremely well built. I admired many things about it but after considering everything that matters to me as a photographer I think I am going to hold off. My two main reasons are size and price.

I admire the IQ and performance of the D600 but I can satisfy just about all my photographic needs with the Samsung NX210. While the NX210 pales in some comparisons to Nikon, Canon and Sony's full frame offerings it shines in other areas, mainly size and price. When I compare my desired Samsung Kit against a Nikon Kit I will be spending about double. I acknowledge that the Nikon kit will be superior but the question for me is it truly worth it.

I think it's only a matter of time until these full frame cameras loose their mirrors, get EVF's and drop in size. In the mean time the CSC is evolving and I think eventually we see them meet in the middle.

Samsung continues to evolve despite all the groans from the naysayers. The recent announcement of the NX300 has over 400 comments and a despite some negativity towards it I think it will be a nice upgrade. I look forward to the new improvements and plan on buying one. I will happily keep my NX210 for a backup camera.

I really enjoy traveling with a much lighter system and that in itself really lends to the experience in my opinion. The added benefit of keeping the system costs down is a nice bonus. That leaves me more money for my travels and kit. I feel regardless of which system we buy we need embrace the experience of photography and share that passion.

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