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Re: Split image focus aid for GXR-M

aleksanderpolo wrote:

It looks cool, but I am not sure it offer any practical advantage over the mode 2 focus assist. I can focus on a person's eye relatively easily with mode 2, I am not sure if I can do that with Fuji's split screen.

Also from the video, it looks like it will take a few turns of the focusing ring to get from the minimal focus distance to the final position, focus-by-wire at work.

One thing that Fuji reveals: Upgrading the lens with sensor is not the problem that dooms the lensor concept - tons of people are ready to shell out $1400 to upgrade their sensor+body and re-buy the same 23/2 lens. Ricoh just need to make a more compelling body and market the lensor as multiple focal length fixed lens camera rather than interchangeable mount system.


For anyone yet to see it, the new Fujifilm split image focus aid using phase detect pixels looks promising. Makes the camera behave like an old SLR.


If it works well, then it would be a very good inclusion for a future GXR M type camera.

what I would like is a modification of Ricohs display... with the magnification of the display , the option to magnify only the center of the viewfinder image. now add the ability to only display mode 2 focus assist in that window.

center mode 2 , magnified or not, with surrounding area normal or mode 1. that would be very useful.

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