California (again)

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Re: California (again)


A stunning set, and many thanks for sharing your recent work. I'm sure I speak for many here by saying that your work has always been inspiring, regardless what camera is behind it. You have always had a great eye for color composition and either the patience or a tremendous knack for finding great light. Your use of color has always found a nice balance between the hyper-saturated look that has become cliche' and the sometimes too-tame naturalistic approach that many here seem to like.

A technical question for you, in the Asilomar Beach photo (image 140677809) there is an odd bloom on the ridgeline towards the right 1/4 of the image. Is that a beacon or something that was caught up in your (relatively) long exposure?

Hope you find the current Sigma cameras to your liking and please do continue to share your outstanding photography with the community. I think the work of yourself, Chuck Lantz, Steve Chong, Laurence Matson, and Felix Wesch continues to represent not only great photography but also all the potential of the Sigma system (my apologies for leaving out by name so many other remarkable photographers here in the Sigma community).


Bill Collinson

Austin, TX

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