Q + 01 with Pentax AF-160 FC ring flash

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Re: Q + 01 with Pentax AF-160 FC ring flash

why can't the ring flash be fitted to the 40.5 mm filter thread with an adapter ring?

love this picture...

Rosember wrote:

Well, maybe it isn't such a big news that the Q seems to work flawlessly together with the ring flash, but, nevertheless, I wanted to share this bit of information.

Post-X-mas Happiness

Of course, the ring can't be mounted on the tiny Q lenses and has to be hold with the hand - in this case to the upper left, as you may have concluded from the shadows.

I hope, though, that a connected shot might spice up this post a little. So here is "Pre-X-mas Happiness" (with the Q's internal flash in 2. curtain sync).

Pre-X-mas Happiness

Thanks for looking.

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