Yellow K-01 + 40mm lens for US $316.

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Amazon good treatment


I feel I must state this publicly:

I ordered a K-01 from Amazon, and still have not been told when/if it will ship. However, others on this forum who ordered at the same time or even after I did had been confirmed it would ship and been a given an approximate date of arrival.

So I contacted them and asked about this, why were others who had ordered even after me been given an apparent priority over shipping to me? etc.

Well long story short, they apologized (which I expected as a corporate thing, and was thinking well whatever, talk is cheap) but then, as I kept reading the email response I was told that in compensation they would – not only try to send it out as soon as possible (which again I thought 'well, what else would they say?') – wave the shipping costs.


That's pretty decent.

So I thought I should at least state it publicly, as good behaviour should be recognised – though I'll keep you updated as to whether they come through on their promise and I do finally get the thing.

All the best


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