Nikon is working on a mirrorless APS-C camera system

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Re: The mirrorless camera Nikon needs

myzel wrote:

Dennis wrote:

That begs the question - why get rid of the complex mirror mechanism ? Most consumers don't care that it's complex. But it makes the camera more compact and cheaper

Fewer parts that can get broken or misaligned. No front/back focus issues. Less complex wider angle lenses. There are enough advantages for customers. The posibility of cheaper cameras and more compact cameras is a bonus. But compact is relative, think of Leica M compact, not Nikon V1 compact.

Sure the manufacturers will love the reduced manufacturing cost too

Only for AF. You're arguing that when PDAF-on-sensor is a viable match for existing PDAF, they'll go straight to reduced registration distance plus adapters. I don't think so. Between them, Nikon and Canon, someone will release an entry level "mirrorless DSLR" (for lack of a better term - a mirrorless body compatible - without adapter - with the legacy system). We won't know who's right until it happens (or not).

That's what Pentax did (and they forgot the EVF).

It's not about smaller. Things that aren't needed will get eliminated. That's why I think Nikon needs a FX mirrorless camera that shows the world what a mirrorless camera can be. It will be a new system and that system needs native lenses.

If it's not about smaller, but is about eliminating things that aren't needed, then why go to a new mount ? Why not just do a mirrorless FX body ?

A reduced flange distance requires a new lens mount.

my point is that one does not need a new mount or reduce the flange distance. there can be reduction in size, weight and improved reliability by conversion to EVF. by keeping the flange distance long, there are advantages with wide angle designs that currently have problems with cameras such as the nex 7.

I think a mirror less Nikon Fx or Dx camera would be brilliant the current AF-S F mount.

The Nikon 1 is the design for compact short lens flange development.

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