My Olympus debacle (insight needed)?

Started Jan 7, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: My Olympus debacle (insight needed)?

AnandaSim wrote:

It may not be a a tool to shoot Lord of The Rings, it may be a tool for happy snaps of loud kids running around at McDonalds where you can't hear the auto focus mechanism. Some people look for a model that has a silent lens (different class and cost of camera), some people use an off camera external microphone and pros don't shoot the audio track with the movie camera, they use a separate audio recorder and then sync the sound and video using the computer.

One of those may indeed be more silent than the Olympus but sure, they don't have the same features.

Did you switch OFF AF Tracking - Page 39 of the English manual?

Not trying to shoot LoTR, just trying to take some short home videos, videos for my Youtube channel, etc. But chattering is not okay, even for those applications. It's not okay for anything.

Really don't think I'm expecting too much of it's performance. I'm not even asking it to be silent, just quiet. This is noisy like a projector, or teeth chattering in the cold. I'd say most would not consider that acceptable playback, even filming loud kids running around at McDonald's, you'd certainly still hear it I'm sure.

I've turned off AF tracking, still makes the noise.

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