DP3 Merrill leaked

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Harold66 wrote:

SigmaChrome wrote:

Harold66 wrote:

SigmaChrome wrote:

idea. A compact camera with no-compromise short telephoto – MACRO lens is quite a versatile piece of kit in my opinion.

Well , I beg to differ

if this indeed is supposed to be a portrait lens , why did not make it equivalent to a 80mmor 85mm and ..more importantly .. why the heck a macro lens

Good grief... why not!? 75mm is fine for portrait work. It may not be perfect but it's quite useable.

Again - why not macro? It's all very nice to jump up and down and complain about something you haven't even tried yet.

waouh... what is all that BS ?

where do you see that I wrote that a 75mm was not "usable " ? of course it is usable . But since Sigma in its press release emphasizes the fact that the lens was developed specially for the dp3 one has to wonder why choose a 75mm focal length. if you were open minded to look around , you will notice that the 75mm focal lens in a single focal length lens is only present when you got a 50mm lens designed for 35mm mounted on a DX sensor

as for the macro design , it explains the aperture range and even if , for some reason , it seems to offend you , I will say again that for a portrait lens a 2.0 max aperture would have been more appreciated by most

The extra course it has to run is going to make the AF slower , not that the other dpm's are speeed demons when it comes to AF

Unless of course it has some kind of a focus limit switch

Maybe it has.

not to mention that a portrait camera with a 3;2 ratio only is not a good choice for those of us who shoot verticals

Ever heard of cropping? The Merrill sensor is plenty big enough.

this is simply ridiculous . there is a big difference , that maybe you do not get , between being able to crop and HAVING to crop EACH one of you pictures.


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Leica has always had 75 mm lenses. Voigtlander has made a couple of good ones as well. Admittedly they are not common for SLRs, but that is their loss. 75 mm is a great landscape lens.

I know the 3:2 format is a bugbear of yours, but you are clearly in the minority.

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