Help me decide 2013 Mac Book Pro, or 2013 27" iMac. Pros and cons of each.

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In same boat.....

I came on forum to ask this same question.  I have a 2006 iMac and 2007 MacBook Pro.  About 6 months ago I bought a DSLR that has 32 megapixels.  Downloading to either devices is troublesome.  Takes forever, boots me out, etc.  I took 180 images at a swim meet last weekend and it took almost 6 hours to download images and even then it double downloaded many images and I had to go back and delete them.  I store my images on a 2TB external hard drive.  One thing I definitely need is a disc burner.  I'm constantly asked to take photos for other people and I burn the images for them.  I don't have extreme vision issues however I am getting long in the tooth so a moderately larger screen would be nice.  Right now I use my iMac for doing all my editing as I like having a mouse.  I assume I could get used to editing on a laptop.  I too would like to spend around $3,000 however could go a little more if need be.  Thanks so much for this thread and all the good info/suggestions.

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