Advanced legacy lens user: What to choose Olympus OM-D E-M5 or Sony NEX-6?

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Re: Advanced legacy lens user: What to choose Olympus OM-D E-M5 or Sony NEX-6?

YuriS wrote:

Hello everybody!

I know this topic / question already discussed, but I would like to re-open it from different point of view.

I’m enthusiastic photographer (for about 25 years - not professional). Currently I use Olympus E-PL1, my favorite activity – take landscape pictures with Fisheye and, along with my wife, shot art portraitures with legacy manual lenses (especially Minoltas 50mm and 85mm).

We decided to upgrade our gear and inputs for our decision are:

  1. Body for $800-$1000.
  2. Mirrorless system to adapt legacy lenses.
  3. Tilt LCD screen, EVF preferable.
  4. As large as possible physical sensor size (not M-pixels).
  5. MF assistance for legacy lenses and Friendly buttons customization / menu.

Two candidates (Olympus OM-D E-M5 and Sony NEX-6) are perfectly fit to me. Besides lens availability (not so important to me – I use legacy and adapters are cheap) there are three major differences:

1. In body stabilization - Olympus OM-D E-M5 win

2. Larger sensor - Sony NEX-6 win

3. About 25% (in Europe) price difference. - Sony NEX-6 win

Does Larger sensor for less money worth more than In body stabilization? M-m-m-m… May be yes. So Sony NEX-6 looks preferable. Or possibly I am missing some other points? Please comment.

4. Focus assist for MF legacy lenses : the Sony has focus peaking (aka a red edge appears in the picture indicating whether you are in focus or not and which parts of the scene ar in focus). I don't know whether the Nex-6 offers magnifying ? Probably too. You can activate a fake focus peaking using the keyline artfilter mode 2 with the E-M5. The focus with magnifier works well with the E-M5, but focus peaking may be another advantage of the Nex6.

5. If you plan to use almost exclusively legacy lenses, you may not care a lot about that, but the MFT system has an impressive lenses line up. And the MFT system IMO has found a sweet spot : a better compromise between sensor size and image IQ on one side and lenses sizes on the other. If you think that you may end using native lenses too, then  the E-M5 is linked to a better system.

6. Thom Hogan has awarded the title of Best serious compact of 2012 to  the E-M5; you can read about the reasons of his choice compared to other mirrorless systems here , including a comparison of the E-M5 advantages over the Nex6.  He thought the focusing wasn't as fast with the Nex6, the E-M5 was offering more flexibility and the Nex6 lacks a touch screen. Read it : it is a good analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of both cameras plus two others.

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