The new Fuji X100S looks like it could give the RX1 some competition.

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Re: The new Fuji X100S looks like it could give the RX1 some competition.

pede59 wrote:

Richard Spangler wrote:

The lens and sensor may not be as good but everything else looks pretty sweet and not to mention half the price.

Why do you believe this camera will compete with the RX1 vs. NEX (or M4/3)? Just because it is a fixed lens system?

I believe that most people who are interested in the RX1 want a compact FF camera with extremely high IQ.

There are different classes of people who are interested in the RX1.

  • Dedicated 35mm shooters, who want the best lens and or best possible sensor.
  • People who want FF in a small package and would overlook the fixed focal length or try to make it fit their style with a variety of accomodations (second camera), cropping/adapting, or just shooting more 35mm than they usually would.
  • People with quality lust, but for a variety of reasons won't buy Leica

I have some Contax G lenses waiting for MILC FF.  The 35mm (and 16mm Hologon) are the only Contax primes I don't have. The RX1 will fill that 35mm slot nicely.

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