A99 #2 vs Nex5n video test + mini A99 hybrid shooter review

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Re: A99 #2 vs Nex5n video test + mini A99 hybrid shooter review

photo chris wrote:

JohnBee wrote:

Hi photo chris,

First off, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to do this test. I can already tell based on the results that you've gone far out of your way to create useful results on this particular issue. However... I was wondering if it would be possible for you to conduct a similar test using an M42 prime lens on both camera's rather than different zoom lenses?

And the main reason I ask, is where I see a great deal of headroom in the potential for optical variations between both units. Likewise... using an identical prime(MF) would help eliminate much of the potential and questions from the equation.

PS. I'd like to thanks you again for all of your hard work and determination with this btw. That being said, if for some reason you cannot do it, then I'm hoping that someone else in the community might take the incentive to try and replicate the test as I for one would love to know what area in the system these particular discrepancies are taking place at.

Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately I don't have the camera anymore, my return window was closing so I had to send it back to Sony. The Zeiss 24-70 is a stellar lens, I get beautiful sharpness when I shoot stills and if you look at the side-by-side video - the Nex5n on the left is using the same lens. So I'm getting great results with one camera and so-so results with the other, the only difference being the body. I have a Zeiss C/Y 50/1.4 that serves as my usual test lens, but I'm not sure it'll out resolve the zoom by much - if any - and I never got around to buying an adapter. The IQ of the Zeiss is sufficient to produce great results. At this point all I can do is shoot the same material with other cameras to compare.


Well thankfully Sony still allowed you to return the a99 for a full refund.  I've always had fantastic customer service from Sony over the years.

What's next?  5d3?  D800?  The BlackMagic camera looks interesting but sounds like it's quite a bit of work with the external SSD required and the whole workflow.

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