Indoor dog shows: lens advice for my 60D

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Re: Indoor dog shows: lens advice for my 60D

Peter Galbavy wrote:

I am genuinely confused. What's wrong with selecting "mode 2" with a switch and leaving it there - it doesn't have to be one mode 1. In my experience granting the additional level of control to a user over a fully automatic system can only be a positive. Surely?

Well, this is a fair question and it has been speculated by some that the 'automatic panning detection' of the two lenses in question is no more than permanent mode 2. But actually I don't think this is the case, simply because for static subjects mode 1 does seem to work better than mode 2.

Another reasonable question would be - given the success of automatic panning detection in two popular lenses, why hasn't Canon implemented something similar in the latest L-series lenses? I'd love to have it in my 70-300L for instance.

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