Calling GH3/G5 owners with big telephoto lenses. Is the electronic shutter useful?

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Kim Letkeman
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Re: Tamron Mirror + 1.4x TC -- 1400mm test ...

duartix wrote:

Kim Letkeman wrote:

A little more than you asked for. Velbon tripod, fairly heavy aluminum ... certainly on par with the average cheap Manfrotto legs.

Might as well say it, although there is no doubt when you look at these ... at this focal length, the difference is (a) blindingly obvious and (b) fatal ...

Thank you a lot for your test Kim. It tells A LOT!

I can draw some conclusions from your test:

  • E-SHUTTER radically solves the long telephoto shutter shock.
  • What is most interesting is that 1/50 mechanical is a lot worse than 1/25 suggesting that in your setup, most of the vibration attenuates within the first 0.04s.
  • Unsurprisingly when using the e-shutter we see that 1/50s is slightly sharper than 1/25s, which means that there is a kind of constant vibration "floor" that we can't get rid of. Well, ... the planet can't stop for pictures.
  • The shutter shock vibration is essentially vertical. On the mechanical shots the vertical lines are sharper on the 1/50 but the horizontal fall apart completely.

Sounds about right, and you are welcome. This reminded me once more why I used mirror up on dSLRs when shooting the moon and planets. My last few attempts have been hit and miss because I have not used the G5 eshutter exclusively, so now I know.

Regarding the 1/25 vs 1/50 eshutter difference ... the processing on the two pairs was slightly different because the light made the 1/50 an underexposure. Plus, there is the statistical nature of vibration. I actually took exactly one pair of images for each instead of a group of three. The results were so obvious that I did not need to bracket at all or try to reduce statistical anomalies.

But I could not say for sure that 1/50 would always be sharper than 1/25 on a really good tripod. I sold my Feisol monster legs, a fact I somewhat regret now, even though I got a lot of money for them .... but it means that I am between good tripods and thus these experiments have a slight bit of a random factor to them ...

I.e. point 3 is one I would not put 100% faith in. The rest are right on.

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