Disappointed with K-30.

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Re: Disappointed with K-30.

rvonasa wrote:

Dear All

Thank you very much for your answers and opinions. Just to clarify few points:

- Before entering water park, camera was indeed exposed to lower temperature/humidity (I had a short walk from my car to water park).

- Lens does work as a pump – I tried it yesterday and I can feel as air goes in/out of camera body when lens is rotated, mostly at right top corner, close to flash joints, though there is no visible hole there.

- few strange white lines/areas still remain on LCD screen (looks some LCD electronics was damaged).

Despite of my fault of not adjusting camera’ temperature in water park using sealed bags, heaters, etc. for few hours (OMG, I only was there for couple of hours!) there is a definitely a problem with Pentax marketing materials which is giving high expectations for camera which does not deserve it.

Hope this thread will help other people to make a right choice and be aware of potential limitations.

Thank you all again,


Hello again rvonasa

Before you throw overboard the weather resistance concept of your K 30, I would think about this:

- maybe your camera have a fault sealing

- maybe you expect too much about what wheather resistance can do

My English is not the best, and also, I can’t give you the explanation what Pentax weather resistance do mean, but that’s what I think:

1- capillary attraction

When I use my K5 in heavy rain there is one thing water love to do: caused do the capillary attraction, the water do kreeps in every slot it will find. That mean it try do get inside the camera at the shutter release button, the wheels….and so on. Now Pentax do seal all this possibilities and that’s why I don’t fear that I get water inside my K5.

2- water pressure

When a raindrop is falling from the sky and hit my shutter release button, the sealing do withstand the water pressure…but that don’t mean that I think I can hold my camera under a waterfall or break through a wave with it…. it’s a total other thing to make a sealing for the preasure a raindrop do or the water pressure when I break through a wave! Handsdown, I don’t know what water pressure my K5 sealing can withstand…..but for sure I don’t try out extreams.

3 - air-tight

let’s dream...my K5 would be air-tight seal and no air moisture can therefor come in: then I get an other problem: the volume of the air inside my camera do change with the temperature. You need for example only a ca. 27 °C temperature different for that the air inside my camera need 10% more volumen. To reach such temperature different is no problem and quickly done in wintertimes, where you go out in the cold and go back into a warm room. Now what would happen if my K5 would be air-tight ? When it’s not allowed for the air to expand out of the body, I get a air-pressure inside my camera. Same happens when I am in an airplain, or on a mountain…and handsdown: do you won’t a camera, which fizzes like a coke when you change the lens J (ok, I overstate here a little bit).

So, my K5 is of cause not air-tight sealed and therefore I must be carefull about air-moisture combined with quick temperature changes, so that I get no condensing inside my camera and lens.

At last: maybe one of your seals a defect…so maybe send in your new camera.

BTW: you can try to find where the air get out of your camera, (and maybe see on that way if a seal is defect) , when you use the smoke of (for example) a cigarrette (for the tast: I use Pall Mall J ) for making the airflow visible.

best regards kikivrany

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