Sigma 19mm and Sigma 30mm, 50mm next?

Started Jan 8, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Sigma 19mm and Sigma 30mm, 50mm next?

Between Sony's own stabilized, reasonably priced 50, the upcoming Zeiss, and the abundance of cheap legacy normals out there I think the focal length is already well-served on the system. The advantage of the 19 and 30 is that they're affordable but very good performers against things like the 16/10-18 or the expensive Sony 35mm. I'm not sure a 50 would have the same advantage since it's likely to be $200-250 against the Sony one which is $300.

With those considerations I think the best bet would be an ultra-wide, a 35mm equivalent, and maybe a medium tele if the rumoured Sony 85 ends up being super pricey.

Or maybe they could do something totally new for the system and make a long tele-prime!
Here's an important question, how well have these lenses sold? I know critically they've been well received and in the forums everyone loves them but that's just a slice of the NEX user base. Should Sigma rushing to get more product out there? A quick Google search for stats didn't turn up much.

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