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Osvaldo Cristo
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What do you want to do?

What do you want to do? You need a problem to look for a solution - not the opposite!

Filter would be used for a purpose.

For example, polarizer filters are great to cut folliage reflexions at a landscape, but I knew people that could not see that reflections!

Anyway, my personal guidelines on filters are:

  1. Avoid them if you do not have a clear purpose
  2. If you have a purpose that can be made by software post-processing, prefer that way: get the best image you can at raw format and add such effect at post-processing
  3. If an (optical) filter is used, try to use only the highest quality optics (including coating) you can afford in order to do not add one more headache instead of a solution for what are you looking for
  4. Only for an emergency I would stack filters. One is the limit of my "regular risk taking"
  5. My most used filter is a circular polarizer. I use it mainly for some landscape and even for selected still life when using cross-polarized illumination
  6. One rarely used filter in my ND filters. I do not use variable ND as its construction with two crossed polarizer filters can add some problems as vignette and strong color casts. I prefer "fixed ND" instead. I have 3-stop and 9-stop NDs
  7. I own also a never used Nikon clear filter
  8. UV filters are not necessary for modern lens/cameras for most applications as they have protection coats to cut that light spectrum but for much long expositions at full daylight with a ND filter with not so good coating and at same time strong ND factor, that light spectrum can introduce significative color distortions
  9. I do not buy the history of "filters for protection". I prefer insurance, lens hood and some discipline to use the lenses.

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