The new Fuji X100S looks like it could give the RX1 some competition.

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Re: The new Fuji X100S looks like it could give the RX1 some competition.

LTZ470 wrote:

Am I missing something?...

Oh yes, you are missing few things.

First, I would take these comparisons with a pinch of salt because they are not accurate. If you use the DPR Studio Comparison tool, you'll be surprised to see that it is actually the RX1 that is a bit noisier at 3200, esp in the blue channel. So who is right?

Moreover, I have extensively tried out the XPRO-1 for two days, and without any comparison to any camera, ISO 3200 and 6400 results are nothing less than amazing any way you look at them so this is really a non issue. The X100s has the same sensor.

What you are also missing is a fantastic hybrid optical / electronic viewfinder and better AF performance - wet dreams for many RX1 users, plus some other goodies.

All this, combined with a better price tag, make the X100s a very serious competitor to the RX1 to every photographer who is looking for a high quality 35mm fixed lens camera, in a small package.


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