New MX-1, good name, good idea ... wrong execution !

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Re: New MX-1, good name, good idea ... wrong execution !

Hi Steve,

I don't care about the name - it has no relationship whatsoever to the 35mm film MX anyway - not a cracker.

I agree with you about your general sentiments on the design of a mirrorless ILC that would interest me, but this MX-1 is aimed squarely at the enthusiast compact market with its small sensor. Can it take on the G15, P7700, and Oly XZ2?  Don't know - time will tell.

In larger sensored ILC/CSCs, I think one only has to look at Fuji's APSC X series to learn how to do mirrorless well

  • The fixed prime X100 had an excellent lens and senor, but some operational niggles and glitches.  The X100s announced this week seems to have advanced the camera beyond expectations (if the new AF and sensor developments bear out their claims).  
  • The ILC X Pro1 was an ambitious camera, with hybrid OVF/EVF. but too dear for many enthusiasts
  • The smaller XE1 with its 2.4mpx EVF hit the nail on the head.  It's selling so well that Fuji has had to suspend production of its lenses for two months to concentrate on the XE1 kit with zoom.
  • High grade short registration lenses, including what is arguably the best kit zoom on the market.

One can only assume that the XPro2 and XE2 will get the benefits of the on-sensor PDAF, focus peaking, and PDAF-driven visual aid to MF when those models are upgraded.

If I have a complaint about the X series (and the NEX 6 &7s) it's that they are not WR - which for premium priced cameras is something of a let down.  It's not quite a deal beaker, but I accept it only with some reluctance.

Now imagine if that had been Pentax and they'd developed a full function K mount adapter.  (This isn't a new idea - it's been suggested for several years.)  Canon have gone ahead and made just such an adapter for their DSLR lenses to operate with all functions on the EOS M ILC.

With the ending of the K01 production, I'll be interested to see what Pentax offer next in the APSC mirrorless line.

Cheers, Rod

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