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Hey there,

I am looking for a flash of some sort for my Canon Rebel T2i. I do not have any experience with flash so most of the time when I look at reviews on them, it all appears as gibberish.

What I do know is that I would like to be able to use it on and off of my camera's hot shoe. I would also prefer it to be fast. The only thing is, I am on a student's budget and can't really go around spending hundreds on a flash for my camera.

Does anyone know of a good flash for a flash photography beginner that isn't more than around $200-$300 (Or even lower :P)? I do not care if it has had many succesors, I am just looking for a nice, afforable flash to fit my Canon camera.

Thank you sooo much!!

I am also looking for a flash to use on my 7D with my 10-22 lens as the camera flash causes a big shadow. I would like a Speedlight but because of the cost think that a Yonguo will do the job fine. I'm looking at


And maybe the transmitter to go with it. See



I don't know much about the Yongnuo flashes, but I do know that with the 7D any Canon EX series flash can be triggered without an additional transmitter - the 7D built-in flash can trigger them.


Thanks for telling me Mark, I wasn't aware of that. That'll save me some money,brilliant. Have you used the Yongnuo flashes, any views about them?

After my first brush with a non-Canon flash (Sigma EF-500 Super) ended with having to replace the flash because it was no longer compatible, I only use Canon flash now.  I have a 420EX which is over 10 years old that still works with the most current DSLR bodies.

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