My Olympus debacle (insight needed)?

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Re: My Olympus debacle (insight needed)?

likeacat wrote:

So I was in the market to purchase a compact with a super zoom, 1080p video, and dual recording capability, all key factors in my hunt. I came across the Olympus SZ-31mr, and after discovering it was a 16MP CMOS with wide angle lens, 24x optical zoom, 1080p capable, and not only did dual recording, but a ton of other neat stuff (like HDR, 3D images, 10fps burst shooting, and a ton of filters), I was sold on it.

It is like a Swiss Army Knife. You know those? They have flat blade screw driver, Philips head screw driver, fish hook thing, corkscrew, pocket knife and so on.

Ok if you are McGyver but if your main job is to screw in parts over and over again, it is not what you use - the shaft is too short, you don't have a big enough blade etc....

I really loved everything about the SZ-31, that was until I played back my first video. Evidently, the auto-focus mechanism inside of the camera is so noisy as it works that it records straight into the microphone, so much so you cannot miss it, it sounds like a typewriter constantly pecking (can't be turned off?). I'm really disappointed to have to send my Olympus back, but apparently this is not a defect, it's just a reality across a lot of Olympus point and shoot models right now. The retail return policy isn't going to allow me time for Olympus to "pretend fix" it (don't think they could).

It may not be a a tool to shoot Lord of The Rings, it may be a tool for happy snaps of loud kids running around at McDonalds where you can't hear the auto focus mechanism. Some people look for a model that has a silent lens (different class and cost of camera), some people use an off camera external microphone and pros don't shoot the audio track with the movie camera, they use a separate audio recorder and then sync the sound and video using the computer.

So now I'm debating some comparable cameras, yet I can't help but feel like I'll be downgrading no matter what I go with. It seems none of the competition is really as well rounded as the SZ-31mr. The Panasonic ZS20, Sony HX20v, and Fuji F770, are merely 20x optical zoom, which I realize is nothing to sneeze at. I don't know that the extra zoom in my Olympus makes all that much difference, but every little bit helps right?

One of those may indeed be more silent than the Olympus but sure, they don't have the same features.

Any insight into the above mentioned cameras will be appreciated. I guess in the end what I'm looking for is the best jack-of-all-trades super zoom compact I can get my hands on. If it weren't for the issue with my Olympus, I'd probably say I already have it because I really love the camera, just hate that design flaw. So I need to know, what's my next best choice here?

Did you switch OFF  AF Tracking  - Page 39 of the English manual?

Hope This Helps.

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