Best (affordable) upgrade option for the Nikkor 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 VR kit lens?

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Re: Best (affordable) make one a prime...

Whatever you do, make room for one prime, say the 50 1.8G that you could use for portraits (the 85mm 1.8G would be great but that is $500, while the 50 1.8G is 200 (or you could get the 105 2.5 AI for about $200 from such as Adorama or KEH but that one is manual focus and manual metering for anything until the D7000 or D200/ 300 series and above.

Some great suggestions re zooms. A fast (meaning large aperture such as 1.8) prime will allow three things that a zoom will not:

- more sharpness than any zoom except for the most expensive zooms, so for those shots that you want super sharp, you will take off the zoom and put it on

- use in low light

- bokeh and depth of field play, moreso than a zoom

So, whatever zoom (s) you get, I would suggest at least one fast prime at some point.

If you shoot family groups a lot, the 35 1.8G would do and that is just about $200. If you prefer portraits, the 50 1.8G also $200.

You realise the difference in sharpness primes vs zooms when you crop in a shot, I cropped a shot recently with an old manual focus prime and was amazed at the sharpness and quality of the crop, a heavy crop. It would not have been so with an average zoom.

The overriding factor is  'what do you photograph'? That will decide focal length, aperture and whether prime or zoom.


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