135mm Legacy Lens opinions wanted

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Re: 135mm Legacy Lens opinions wanted

nevada5 wrote:

I'm considering buying a 135mm lens (to use on my NEX-6). I'm looking at a Pentax M 135 f/3.5 and also a Minolto MD ROKKOR 135 f/3.5. I know something about the legendary Pentax quality, but not this lens. And the Minolta 135's are pretty cheap - which makes me concerned.

But I'm not stuck on anything, I have no experience with the Canons or Nikons in this range.

So if you have some knowledge/experience regarding 135mm legacy lenses, feel free to share. Thanks in advance.

Hello Nevada5,

Leica 135mm Tele Elmar 1:4 is also very good, already at FA and not too expensive second (third etc.) hand. I use it on the Nex 6, it's not a heavy or bulky lens.


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