Best (affordable) upgrade option for the Nikkor 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 VR kit lens?

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Re: I don't agree.

Shunda77 wrote:

vzlnc wrote:

Actually there isnt a very good alternative to the 18-55 kit lens. All the other 18-XX lenses are also like kit lenses and are not an upgrade quality wise. Infact 18-55 is better bcoz its cheap, and covers the most important part of the range. Tele could be covered by either the 70-300 or 55-300 or 55-200. They are all equal performers with small differences like focus speed, manual override etc. Thats the problem with DX, there arent any options at the wide end. There is the 16-85 which is good, but too expensive and not wide-enough as a wide angle lens. Isnt too much of an upgrade over the 18-XX series.

I really don't agree with any of that at all, the 16-85 is a much better, sharper lens than the kit 18-55 and it's 24mm equivalent wide angle is definitely very useful, in fact, it is the best walk around nature/landscapes lens on the market. . .

Yes, I can see the advantage of having extra wide-angle and telephoto reach available on the 16-85, however my opinion regarding the image quality of the 16-85 was based on those more experienced than I with evaluating camera lenses.  Maybe you are right, but in my fractured thinking, it doesn't seem practical to me (or maybe anyone else with a limited budget) to pay extra money for a new "walk-around" lens that, according to Ken Rockwell (and others), has an equivalent image quality to the kits lens, but still lacks at least 200mm of telephoto range that I now have by keeping the kit lens and adding the 55-300 lens that I purchased - all for about $200 less than the price of the 16-85 alone!

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