A couple of GH3 long exposures (Big Stopper) and a few others

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A couple of GH3 long exposures (Big Stopper) and a few others

I am six weeks in with my GH3, being lucky enough to get one of the first few in the UK last November. I am loving this camera. It is not perfect, no camera is, but it meets my personal optimum balance of great IQ and useability - not too big, not too small. I see a bit of smearing in the EVF if I look for it, but this is a non issue for me.

I have used the camera daily since I got it, and have been very pleased with the results from a range of different situations. Last weekend, I had my first attempt at long exposures with the GH3 using a Lee Filters "Big Stopper" (10x ND) fitted to the Panny 12-35mm. Here are two examples. Both were 60 second long exposures at ISO800, shooting RAW - I was looking to see what the noise level was like under these conditions. The RAW files were a bit noisy but cleaned up well in ACR. These are not pin sharp but I put that down to the wind that was fairly gusty at the time.

The blue is a bit saturated. It was last light on a cloudy day, and the light really did have a blue cast, but not so strong. I could have changed toe WB to 'cloudy' or used a grey card to help fix the white balance to a more neutral tone but I quite like the effect, so I left it as is.

I have also attached a few other GH3 pictures to show some of the wider range of pictures I have achieved recently, most with the 12-35mm but also the 7-14mm and 45mm macro. There are more on my 'Picture a Day' gallery here http://www.pbase.com/bassrock

North Berwick, Scotland.

North Berwick, Scotland

My corgi "Mack" at 7mm using the Panny 7-14mm

Kitchen grater using the Panny 45mm macro

Seaweed on the beach using the Panny 12-35mm

Message in a bottle using the Panny 12-35mm

Lobster pot and Fidra (island) using the Panny 12-35mm

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3
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