Strange colored film negatives among good ones

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Re: Strange colored film negatives among good ones

Dan Hudson wrote:

If I may continue this thread with another problem concerning film, here goes.....I don't seem to be able to get quality focused images at over 50% and they have considerable grain and other artifacts especially in the sky. I have tried several scanning ppi settings from 300 to 2400+ with adjustment for target size of the image, but with the same poor effects. I get bigger images, but not better. I thought I would get better enlargements from film than from my digital cameras. My scanner is an Epson Perfection V500 Photo. I do not use any scanner enhancement. My images are good in smaller sizes. Thanks for your continued help.

I get that too. I see awesome scans by other people and often feel jealous. Here are my thoughts:

1. The grain was always there, even when I shot film on colour transparencies and black and white negs enlarged onto paper. With paper, I could not afford paper bigger than 16x20. With colour transparencies, I think the screens or wall and the projection lens in the projector could be more crummy than the transparencies. Now we are in digital world. We can easily hit magnify on a slider and the computer can magnify with cruel accuracy and we see the grain more.

2. Other people are shooting 120 roll film or larger - they have less grain.

3. Other people are using drum scanners with high gamma density hardware - I've been told of Fuji Frontier drum scanners at the shops run extra slow to for your 35mm film. Our domestic scanners are nowhere near the quality.

4. The increase of scanning ppi is artificial - it increases the resolution / dots AFTER the scanner eye has done it's work. The scanner eye and transport mechanism are nowhere as great as what it says on the box.

Digital is way superior to 35mm film for me for several years already - I get no tramlines (from the processing machine's scraping of the film), hair and dust (I don't use kid gloves) and no grain. Even with lower range digital cameras.

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