Can Macbook air 13" work with sony a77/24mpx raw photo and video?

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Re: Can Macbook air 13" work with sony a77/24mpx raw photo and video?

In my netbook i can import my raw and read them ,but if i zoom a raw into lightroom , netbook take 10-15sec for rendering it .

Are these the old a700 (12 megapixel) RAWs, or the new a77 (24 megapixel) RAWs? How long does it take to do the same RAW conversions on your Vaio?

Performance isn't always exactly the same for Mac and PC applications, but if you have some idea of how fast things run on a laptop with a 2.4 GHz dual-core Core i5 ("intel i5 520m") and a regular hard drive, that might give you some idea of how fast they would run on another laptop with similar hardware.

Thx friend.

When i spoken about raw's test , i used only the a77 raws.

I made another test after your hint . I imported the sames photos into lightroom at minimal rendering (No 1:1) and after i zoomed them in the library.

The results are :

1 is the sony Vaio with i5 520m ,8 gb ram 533mhz (I read this with cpuz) and nvidia 330m

2 Is the netbook (Yesterday i installated ssd) with 4 gb ram and c60 with ati shared

4 Is my desktop with 3770k intel ,16gb ram and nvidia 660gtx

They have installed ssd and last version of windows 8 and lightroom .

Now i know that with a laptop is impossible arrive at 5 seconds for a 1:1 rendering ,but i want arrive near the sony vaio's time.

Now can you give me your opinion or do the same test with macbook ?

This is an original raw A77's Raw (This is my first linked photo from dropbox,so tell me if it doesn't work)

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