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Re: Another take

Attractive subject, but she does need some work or coaching with her hand positioning (i.e. the backside flat of her left hand facing to the camera which make it appear large, and sometimes 'veiny' too with older subjects.).  Nice that she had on sleeves which may have made her arms look odd/distracting otherwise.

SailorBlue suggested this read some time ago and it really helps with dealing with hands. Link to "Handling Hands."  I review it often as it has some good pointers in it to make the hands appear more natural and not forced.

I once worked with a pro model who was really good at her hand positioning.  Seems all her stuff turned out well, but she's been at it for 15 years and just knew how to pose without coaching (She could direct me!).  Recent one needed a lot of work to get her to learn how to not show the back flat facing the camera and even 'break' the wrist from appearing too straight.  The MUA had to intervene another to get her hands and even feet into the proper position - and she was a film actress which I thought very odd.


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