For E-M5 users Live tv....

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Re: For E-M5 users Live tv....

I was meaning to post about this, but being in Japan I was asleep when it was live and watching the rebroadcast now.

I have a few criticisms. Firstly he has owned the camera for 4 months, and made a few mistakes like saying the FL-600R was designed for 4/3 cameras not m4/3. Which is wrong as it came out along with the OMD. He didn't know some things too that I'd expect from an expert covering everything in a presentation like this. Maybe that's me becoming a m4/3 geek though over the last year.

Having the camera for a year I already know most bits and am familiar, but it's still worth watching for a re-cap to remind everyone of all the features they've turned off.

Good things I picked up that were new: The Oly charger can be used with a Apple connector (or many other generic ones) so you don't need to carry the dorky cable around. And the Leica inspired 2 finger strap made with a old camera strap and electrical tape is a very compact way of doing it.

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