What Camera would you pair with a 7D?

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Re: What Camera would you pair with a 7D?

lemming2008 wrote:

I'd say the full frame option (5D3) adds the most new capability. A 7D2 would get you incremental improvements. A 1D4 is (roughly) a 7D2 - faster frame rate, etc. A 5D3 would give you solid high ISO performance and shallow DOF - boosts for low light and portraits, respectively. While 5D3 AF is good, it won't add that much for most sports or macro shooting vs. 7D, I'd expect.

For quite a while I carried two bodies - 7D with a zoom lens and 5D2 with a prime, and found it a good mix when shooting local events. Now I've switched to a 5D2 and 5D3. (My biases lie in shallow DOF and low light shooting.)

Thanks for sharing your experience. At present I mainly use a 10-22 and a 17-55 for community events. I also have a 24-105 which doesn't work as well on the 7D as the two EFS lenses but which might be better on a 5D lll. What would you use on the 5Ds for wider than 24mm?

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