which camera to buy 60D or 7D

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Re: which camera to buy 60D or 7D

Another big difference is the little joystick under the thumb of the right hand which can be configured for direct selection of AF points and sits at a very natural place to quickly change the selected point. The 60D instead has a selector that sits inside the control dial.

For me this makes a large difference in how likely I am to actually use all the focus points at my disposal since a quick flick with my thumb will move the point.

Then again, for you, maybe it doesn't matter so much. Hard to say without handling both yourself.

There's also some other bells and whistles like the size of the viewfinder and the transmissive LCD focusing screen that lets you pull up a grid and dynamically display focusing points (or a level) on the 7D. Also the buttons on the top of the 7D allow for two functions to be set (one with the main front control dial, one with the back control dial) whereas the 60D only has one per button. The 60D also lacks the 3 user configureable modes on the shooting mode dial. The overall effect should be of a camera that is not quite so easy to control while at your eye, not quite so responsive to fast action, and not quite so sturdy.

The question is whether those things matter to you. Both will take pretty great pictures if used well.

The last thing I'd say is not to focus too much on the age of the camera. Yes, technology improves, but Canon (and Nikon, too) takes a very long time to cycle back to releasing another camera at a similar price point with the same tradeoffs (at least at the upper end), so if the camera that makes sense for you was released in '09, don't let that stop you. Things move fast, but not so fast that something a the bottom of the product matrix release in 2012 is automatically better than something higher up released in '09. The 7D is clearly still a nicer camera than the T4i, for instance, even if technology has trickled down and improvements been made.

The years just mean that it has gotten cheaper. The age of the model might make a difference if you are comparing, for instance, the 6D vs the 5D Mark II. But if you want the focusing system of the 7D or better your choices are, more or less, the 7D or the 5D Mark III (for much greater cost). You can wait for something new to come around (it always does) but when it does it will be more expensive and you might _still_ find yourself considering the older model's bang for the buck.

So, bottom line, if the focusing system and fit and finish don't matter to you, and you want to spend less (but you do want that rear control dial and so don't want to step into Rebel/XXXD territory), then the 60D is really the only option. If _none_ of those things really matter to you and you just want something that can take good pictures, the T3i will save you yet more money.

If you do want those things, then you need to decide if you think they are worth ~$500 which is a totally personal and subjective question.

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