Anyone pimp out their RX1 yet?

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Re: Wide Conversion Lens

I'm also looking for a wide converter so I can take the occasional wide angle photo with the RX1. Like you, I don't want to compromise too much on image quality as that would defeat the purpose of the RX1. Not sure if this is possible.

The results from the Cokin aren't too bad from what I can tell. Like you say, daylight shots will tell the full story. My experience with ultra wide angle lenses is that there is usually some barrel distortion. In the case of my Lumix 7-14/4.0, the camera (JPEG) and Lightroom (RAW) can correct it automatically.

Thanks for conducting this test and posting full size images. Looking forward to seeing more...

cityathrt wrote:

Those were the questions I was interested in as well.

The black one I first tried was Raynox - complete disaster as it turned into a strong fisheye effect, lots of smearing, tad bit of vignetting, and overall very... artsy dispersed looked at the corners. Great if I wanted that, horrible disaster as I didn't.

The one I took home was a Cokin converter lens, please find pictures attached.

I'm on the fence whether to keep it or not. I would like a wide angle converter for those every once in a while landscape shots on top of a mountain, but I'd also like one that compromises IQ as little as possible. Some barrel distortion (although would there always be some at 17mm?), I will have to shoot in the daytime to determine vignetting, and details are softer in the corners. But, it didn't perform as badly as one would think, but not well enough for it to be a home run keeper. What do you think?

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